MCCC’s Exodus: Telling OUR Story (Session Two)

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MCCC’s Exodus: Telling OUR Story (Session Two)

October 17 @ 10:30 am 11:30 am

Oct 17 – Session Two – The Haggadah/Seder: Experience the history

Study sessions to prepare OUR story – so we remember whose we are, why we are, and to create our own Haggadah for a Seder celebration for remembering who we are and why it is important.


Oct 10 – Session One – The Exodus: Learning (again) the Biblical story

Oct 17 – Session Two – The Haggadah/Seder: Experience the history

Oct 24 – Session Three – Explore our Disciples of Christ History

Oct 31 – Session Four – The Intersections of Christianity and Judaism

Nov 7 – Session Five – MCCC History and Who We are Now

Nov 14 – Session Six – Writing and Experiencing our Own MCCC “Seder”

Nov 21 – Session Seven – Experiencing our MCCC Story

If anyone at home wants to participate fully – Nancy is suggesting that you might have the following items available:

  • A wine glass or nice glass
  • Grape or fruit juice or water – whatever you would like to use as “wine”
  • Something crunchy – perhaps a saltine for the matzah
  • A little bit of lettuce if available
  • Something bitter – something that tastes bitter to you – we are using horseradish
  • Some salt water or salt for the tears
  • Something gooey/mushy for the charoset – you could use an apple or applesauce
  • You may also simply follow along with the “book”/program!

This study will be led by ordained pastor and member at MCCC, Nancy Humes.  Nancy has taken great academic and spiritual interest in the intersections of Judaism and Christianity over the course of her ministry.  With great sensitivity and care, she has studied the ups and downs of this relationship and how we, as Christians, might learn more deeply and faithfully from the Jewish roots of our own tradition.  In this 7-week study, we will learn about the Exodus story, experience a Seder meal, learn about Disciples and MCCC history, and conclude the study by telling our OWN story as a congregation.  We will attempt to involve people over Zoom as much as we can if you feel uncomfortable attending in person.  All will be asked to wear a mask and we ask that you bring a chair so that we can be outside as much as possible.  The study will begin this Sunday after worship!  Please let Nancy or Chad know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

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